Travel for Thought

This past March I was able to travel to Santiago, Chile. Now, it’s not everyday that I get to travel, considering this was my second time outside of the US. The flight was brutal to say the least. 11 hours on a plane? Phew. It was all worth it, though. Don’t get me wrong. I was so incredibly excited to be spending the week in South America and experience a completely different culture than my own. Aside from the fact that I was mainly there on business (school purposes) I was more interested in the way people lived in this unique corner of the world. I was more intrigued of how appreciative the people were of nature and the terrain and landscape of their country.

Chile is an extremely special place on the planet. Being a very long and skinny country on the side of South America, Chile has a vast set of terrains. There are deserts in the north, urban areas in Santiago, the mountains! let’t not forget the mountains, the coast along the entire country, and the arctic lands in the South near Antarctica. The Andes Mountains separate Chile from the rest of South America and create an island like feel to the inhabitants of the country. It almost feels as if Chile is completely on its own and isolated from the continent it is apart of. These different areas of lands provide many opportunities for the country in terms of the use of land. The people of Chile are extremely appreciative of this land and incorporate it into the way of life and survival.

I was lucky enough to hike through these special Andes Mountains and it was an indescribable experience. It was a very tough and high endurance hike that required time and patience. Despite the difficulty it was extremely rewarding. Along the hike I found myself captivated by the beauty of it all. The mountains, the landscape, the foliage, the stray dogs, and insects. The way one rock fell on top of another, ultimately the workings of a higher beings’ hands who intricately crafted this world. I had become so involved in the nature yet so disconnected from what was happening around me because I was focused on my surroundings. I have never experienced this powerful of a force to leave me speechless or stumbling on my words that left me only repeating, “this is incredible.” The hike ended at a waterfall where I was able to drink the cleanest water I ever had in my life, that was the closest state to nature. It was nature! I wanted to spend all my time in these mountains and be one in beautiful, untouched, not ruined or tarnished by humans, real, authentic nature.

Those hours spent hiking left me with these thoughts of further creating my life into a life that is more authentic. I want to rid myself and my surroundings of any unnecessary things. My life is clutter and I want to be free and minimalistic. I want my food, my clothes, my everything to be in a form or state that is closest to nature. I need to escape from commercialism, consumerism, chemicals, and pollution we humans have caused in the world. My belongings only need to be necessities or things that only bring me happiness, things that can only help me become who I want to be– make me a better me.

My travel to Chile was not just a business trip, it was a trip that challenged my inner thoughts that have been urging me to create a better life for myself. These thoughts and passions have been pushing me to do the things that I truly want to do in life. To be continued from there…


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