Urban Outfitters goes beauty

Urban Outfitter’s decision to dive into the beauty world and offer such products in their stores could not be more right. Aside from the usual apparel, music, and accessories Urban offering beauty products was an unquestionable attribute to add to the product line to increase revenue. Because Urban is so familiar with their customers and understand exactly what they want, there was no exception when it came to the beauty line strategy either. Instead of creating its own personal line of makeup and beauty products like its competitor, H&M, the company decided to partner with small existing beauty brands.

Partnering with these smaller brands, such as Peach & Lily, allows Urban Outfitters to still keep its cool, quirky, and original ascetic its customers are dedicated to. Most of these brands won’t pop up in a Sephora, Ulta, or anywhere mainstream for that matter, which really caters to Urban’s consumers who are focused on individuality. In my opinion Urban Outfitter’s beauty strategy is parallel to their apparel strategy; offer unique high quality pieces that can’t be found anywhere else.

Urban Outfitter customers can best be defined as quirky, almost strange, hipster, yuppie, and if you will, modern day hippie. These niche groups need clothes and beauty items, just like the everyday consumer, but Urban Outfitters offers them the opportunity to keep these qualities and individualities and incorporate it into their outfits and overall look. I mean, as an Urban shopper myself, I feel the idea of mainstream and consumerism is almost a rejection from myself and other shoppers of UO. What’s so great and special about brands that I can get almost anywhere? Why don’t I just shop for products that mean something, like cruelty-free (which Urban does offer 🙂 ) or support smaller brands?

Urban’s product expansion strategy into beauty was a given, especially when its competitors dove right into the beauty department. Although competitors are creating personal beauty lines, which is unique, it fails to offer the quirky, extremely creative, and atypical products in Urban stores. Offering these products on shelves and online will increase revenue and overall growth when a shopper thinks, “hey, while I’m here might as well check out Urban’s beauty section!” and eventually throwing that purple lippie into the YES pile along with those pair of flare jeans. Urban Outfitters: Niche Beauty for an Edgy Demographic


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