I’m Pro-Plant

“When did I become such a plant lady?” I ask as I find myself walking out of a store with, yet again, more plants. This time I proudly carried out a Petra and some succulents, aloe and jade. But how did I become this way after 30 or so plants deep into my collection? I would count an exact number but I don’t really want to come to terms with the obsession so much yet.
I guess it all started last year when I decided to pick up some seeds to plant in a pot that my ex-roommate so carelessly let a plant die in. (Sad face). I really tried to revive that plant but to much avail I failed to do so. I was just starting to get my green thumb back at this point so don’t pass judgement on my lack of knowledge when I planted the greens. I dumped the whole seed packet in a little 2×2 pot *eeeeek*. My best friend at the time told me I was a fool and we laughed it off. A week later or so little seedlings began to sprout and I was so excited!! It was my own little child that I created and cared for each day. I called the beauty by the name of Florence (I think if I can remember properly). After Florence, I picked up two succulents that I named after the show Rocket Power, Otto and Tito (it was a weird time in my life). These three cuties brought so much happiness into my life. I just smiled when I looked at them chilling on the window sill. At this point I was fully transitioning into a vegan diet btw. So I was just starting to get into the ~natural~ life.
These three lasted quite a while, especially for inhabiting a house with girls that go on weekend, sometimes week long, alcohol binges. I couldn’t care much for myself so it was impressive I could even remember to open the blinds or water the damn things. Eventually, a really bad, longer than usual binge got the best of me. I was absentee for a week as well (mind, body, soul) (I was in the process of moving back home too) and Florence sadly wilted away. Panic mode set in. I sat her underneath a heat lamp, watered her, talked to her, but sadly nothing. Florence had withered away into brown, sad, uninspiring weeds :,( (RIP FLORENCE). In my own self disgust, as I gathered the remaining belongings I owned in that awful, run down, dirty, house, I chucked Florence into a industrial sized black trash bag and headed down the stairs with tears in my eyes. I dumped her and other unwanted belongings, now trash, into the bin. I wanted to let the stream of tears run down my face (but I didn’t *ugh just too embarrassing to cry, right*) because I was changing houses, because of the loss of Florence, and because of many other reasons (I’m very melodramatic). I took Tito and Otto home with little hope.

Tito or Otto (I can’t remember which one was which) sadly wilted away, also, in the care of my own, superb, green-thumb awarded father!! I returned home from a trip to Arizona and heard of the news. I was pretty discouraged, but the new love for succulents I gained after the trip to the desert, left me with a newfound take on the world (the true purpose of traveling). So when I changed houses, yet again, I brought with me, Tito (?), another succulent, and a large indoor plant.

That’s was months ago. For an update, as a plant lady extremist now, I’ve stopped naming my plants haha… solely for the reason that there’s so many and it’s hard to keep up with names (what am I going to do with my real children?) but I still treat them as my little kiddies. Each one resides in the corners of my small, middle room by bright windows, in a house I share with my three other roommates. They appreciate my love for indoor foliage and my best friend has even given in to the obsession and bought me a few plants.

But back to how I got here. I’m not really sure to be honest. I think I just stumbled upon something in life that I really enjoy and appreciate. I don’t find a home or a room complete now, unless there’s a darling little plant there. I think an aspect that contributes to this is also that it’s natural and adds a more outdoor experience to a home. A ~one with nature~ kinda type deal again. For a disclaimer, this obsession started way before I delved into the Instagram world of plant homes. (You should see my Instagram feed. Pathetic). For an aesthetic or for my own personal happiness, I’m pro plants. For every stereotypical cat lady, I will be the atypical plant lady. I’m not too sure of what my parents will say when I move back in and they soon realize how many plants I’ve been hoarding while I was moved out *uh oh*. We’ll see what chaos ensues…  Go out and buy some greenage my peoples. Cheers to endless prickly pears and many more monsteras 🌿🌵🍐


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