Things I’ve been doing lately

Since moving home with my parents, after leaving my college house, I’ve been really focused on regaining the health that I put on the back burner while spending those Wednesday and Thursday nights out at the bar during these past four years. Despite being a particularly healthy college individual I knew my health was quickly deteriorating after every binge. Come Sundays, or even Mondays if a binge went on for an extended amount of time, I would attempt to fix or cancel out all my wrong doings the start of each week.  I would start drinking green smoothies, paying extra close attention to my food choices, and spend at least an hour at the gym each day. This usually lasted up until Thursday or if I was lucky Friday afternoons. Saturday and Sundays were strictly for relaxation and alcohol!! This resulted in poor behavior and an ever worse relationship with food and exercise (another post for another day *when I’m ready*). Fast forward the week leading up to graduation. We binged the whole week on beer, liquor, and wine. Strictly a liquid diet for the entire week. I needed a cleanse post grad ASAP.

Now, as a post grad, I am in the midst of this so called *cleanse* and here are some habits, weird to some, that I’ve been doing to reclaim my soul and physical and mental health.

Oil pulling

Most people that I know don’t do this everyday, let alone even know what it is. When I wake up in the morning I take about a tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it around my mouth for about 20 minutes, before I eat, drink or even brush my teeth. Oil pulling is basically a habit for oral hygiene. The benefits of doing this, aside from cleansing the teeth themselves, also includes the removal of bacteria in the mouth before it reaches the gut, eliminating bad breath, reducing tooth decay, and an aid to clear skin. Overall it’s a great habit to incorporate into your everyday routine to remove toxins and dangerous bacteria that resides in the mouth before it does more damage in the body.


I’ve been hitting the mat every. damn. day. Whether it’s when I first wake up, midday or before I hit the hay, I’ve been getting my yoga on everyday. I suffer from sciatica so stretching with yoga has improved the pain. The length of my practice ranges from 15-45 minutes. It has not only improved my flexibility, strength, and overall fitness level but it has also contributed to an improved level of mental health. It is a special time during my day that I can focus on mind, body, and soul. I feel more open, relaxed, and an increase in my happiness. I can’t exactly explain all the benefits of doing yoga everyday. You just have to dive in and get started and witness the results for yourself. I dare you. Start today- everyone was once a beginner.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This one is more mainstream, but I don’t think many people do it either. Every night after the gym or an at home workout I grab a mug and fix myself a warm cup of green tea, squeezed lemon, and 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. It is as gross as it sounds, especially for me who does not even enjoy green tea. I definitely favor coffee over tea. However, the benefits outweigh the taste and I forced myself into incorporating it into my everyday routine. After a quick Google search one can easily find that apple cider vinegar claims to improve acid re flux, lower blood pressure, and support weight loss. With all of its detoxifying compounds apple cider vinegar clearly does the whole body good. Passing my own judgement, most people probably quit or quickly forget this habit because they don’t see physical results. It does the BODY good- inside. Physical health usually is to follow.

Ditching the chemicals

A major change to my way of living as of late is the switch to all natural, everything. I have officially been vegan for a year. Despite that, I haven’t until recently started switching beauty, household and any product of that sort to more natural ingredients. I figured I don’t put any chemicals into my body, why should I put chemicals on or around my body. I’m really hoping to see a positive difference in my skin after the switch.


I have started writing everyday again. No, not on here, sadly. I have been writing daily intentions, what I’m thankful for, and what I want in my life in this little journal I have. I’m almost half way through it actually. It really has helped me sort some thoughts in my head out and control whatever else is buzzing around up there in my noggin. Now, I know this concept is foreign to some and may be considered a waste of time. But once I started writing again I look forward to writing in it everyday. It is not a place to say “I heart so and so” but more of a place to physically write down positive phrases, intentions, and even worrisome thoughts. It has truly decreased the worry and anxiety in my life that I had once focused so much on. It’s like I wake up with a million thoughts or so many things I want to accomplish in a day. But once I start writing and releasing energy and ideas down on paper that anxiety seems to dissipate. Maybe I’ll write a to do list but most days I do not. It’s just a place where I can write intentions down and plan to focus on improving those particular aspects of my life for the next day or week or even month. It has ultimately kept me sane and on track of how I want to wisely spend my precious time.


Last summer I immersed myself into reading novels again. Ever since childhood I was obsessed with reading and looked forward to the annual trip to the book store or the library. Leisurely reading has always been a past time of mine. However, when studies became more of a priority in life, reading had moved to the bottom of to-do lists. It was no longer something that I had time for. When summer rolled around last year I made it an action everyday to start reading again. It is a place to read and experience a whole new story with all new people. It was super difficult to get back into the habit of reading. I had to force myself to read another chapter or put my phone down and do some reading instead of scrolling down my feed. Once it became part of my everyday routine I easily ran through five or more books that summer. Now, that it is summer again and post grad I’m going to make reading part of my everyday routine, not just summer routine. This time around though, I have the intention of including educational and inspirational books about life and learning instead of just novels. Now that school is over, it is my personal job to stay inspired and educated. #staywoke


Now this one may seem like I’m approaching my 40s, retirement or just need a hobby. Gladly, I’m only just beginning my 20s. This spring my family and I started two gardens. Growing plants and veggies may also be attributed to my plant obsession I wrote about in a previous post. Aside from that obsession it has became a really important intention in my life to start a garden to have readily available veggies in my own backyard. Ever since I went vegan I really wanted to do this. And I could not be any more happier that I not only have one garden but two. We have zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, basil, wheatgrass, spinach, lettuce, and stevia growing in our own little backyard. How awesome is that!! The connection to create a place to grow and nourish the foods that are incorporated in my everyday diet was clear. Yes the care is a little time consuming but the benefits outweigh that. Go garden, you won’t regret it. Let me know when you’re ready to swap some veg.

I hope I was able to inspire some of you reading to start including a few of these habits into your life. It has improved my overall well being and once you start improving health, you can only keep improving. I encourage you all to try it and see what it does for you. I would love to hear how it goes!

Yours truly 😉





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